Our special effects painting services offer you the chance to capture a mood through the use of unusual textures, colour mixtures, and application techniques.

For instance, we can rag roll paint to give it the opulent look of marble and crushed velvet. Or we can stipple it to make it look like suede!

We can even use the latest special effect paints from Nippon Paint’s Momento Special Effects line to give you truly glamorous results. These include the pearlescent and luminous Sparkle Pearl collection, the shimmering and metallic Sparkle Gold and Sparkle Silver collections, and the excitingly textured Elegant collection.

And for more options, we also have the Suzuka Strato collection and Novacolor’s sophisticated paint line, which includes everything from marbled to metallic paints.

With these, we can help you capture a mood for a whole room or get the stunning feature wall paint you’ve always wanted.

Let Us Make Your Space Truly Special

If you need help with special effects painting for your home or commercial property, contact us so we can talk about what you need painted and how! You can also reach out to us for a custom quote on our services.