For instance, for external jobs, we choose paints based on what works best with the property’s design while requiring as little maintenance as possible. We consider Singapore’s weather, which means we look for paints that stand up well to both rain and the scorching sun.

Based on your property, we will also recommend which type of paint to use in order to better preserve the integrity of your home from the outside.

Our paints come from Nippon Paints, which assures you of their quality. We also match the paint to the job’s requirements – for example, we would recommend SolaReflect paints that are designed for exterior use and also reduce surface temperature.

Other paints we use for our jobs include Medifresh, Easy Wash with Teflon, Aqua Bodelac, and Odourless Premium All-in-1 Paints. Whether your concern is weatherproofing, insulation from the heat, or sheer looks, we can find the perfect solution for you.

Get Professional Landed Property Painting Services

If you need help with your landed property painting, contact us so we can talk about what you need painted and how! You can also reach out to us for a custom quote on our services.

Talk to us and we’ll assist you in planning a paint job that can bring up the value of your property