We know how to deal with even the worst issues HDB flats can see, and have extensive experience with fixing flaking paint on walls, addressing concrete cracks, filling in old holes in walls and ceilings, and more.

The result is a truly polished, new finish that you won’t be able to fault once we’re done. We can even help you come up with ideas for where to go with your repainting, although we’ll also happily take on whatever plans you already have.

We can do the job with the precise type of paint that’s best for your situation.

Our selections from Nippon Paint include Easy Wash with Teflon paints that are ideal for kitchens and play areas, as well as exterior SolaReflect paints that reduce surface temperature.

Other options include antibacterial 3-in-1 Medifresh
paints, wood and metal Aqua Bodelac paints,
and Odourless Premium All-in-1 paints.

Make HDB Painting Stress-Free!

If you need help with your HDB painting, contact us so we can talk about what you need painted and how! You can also reach out to us for a custom quote on our services.